Where to Propose - Boston Edition

Where to Propose - Boston Edition

Ready to pop the question?

Take a look at these fabulous Boston locations to make sure your proposal is the proposal of her dreams:



Frog Pond, Boston


Frog Pond

Whether you enjoy ice skating or not, we can all agree that Boston Common Frog Pond is a beautiful and magical place to get down on one knee. If you are looking for a public and romantic spot, this is the place for you!



Gondola, Charles River, Boston


Gondola along the Charles

Bring a unique cultural experience to your home here in Boston! These authentic Venetian gondolas will create an intimate setting for you and your wife-to-be.


Fenway Park, Boston


Fenway Park

What is more classic than a proposal at Fenway Pahk? The whole stadium will be celebrating with you, making this an unforgettable night!




Swan Boats, Boston


Swan Boats

A walk through the Boston Public Garden plus a Swan Boat ride makes for an incredibly romantic day. End it with a proposal and you have created a memory for life!



Cape Cod


Beach on Cape Cod

If you have a girlfriend who is not so crazy about the city, take her for a romantic getaway. Cape Cod will provide a beautiful backdrop to this beautiful time in your lives!



Christopher Columbus Park, Boston


Christopher Columbus Park

For a more traditional proposal, try a spot like Christopher Columbus Park. A simple setting will let the proposal speak for itself.


Any marriage proposal idea you choose will be wonderful. Just remember to stay in tune with your girlfriend-is she shy, or does she like public displays of affection? Keeping all of this in mind will lead you to the best proposal for her.