The Post-Engagement Guide

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Congratulations!  You are now engaged and have a shiny ring on your finger!

You are most likely feeling a range of emotions (happiness, excitement, anxiety)


What do you do next? 


Here are some recommendations on what do next:


1. Make sure the ring design is your taste. While you probably don't want to hurt feelings, make sure that the ring is style that you love. You are going to be looking at it everyday, so it should be a style that is your taste.


2.  Does the ring fit?  The proper ring size should be slightly easy to put on your finger with some resistance when taking it off.  The proper way to remove a ring is to twist like a bottle cap, rather than just pulling it up and off.

  • Most jewelers will provide a free first-time re-size to a ring purchased in their store.

  • If it's winter, you should account for a small amount of normal swelling that happens in the summer.

  • If it's summer, you should account for your finger size shrinking a small amount during the winter.

  • You don't want to re-size a ring too often, as that weakens the metal. Your ring size should stay about the same throughout the year unless a major weight loss or gain happens.


3.  Is the ring insured?  This is extremely important.

  • If you have renter's or homeowner's insurance, add it to this policy. Without having the ring insured, any theft or loss will not be covered and you are risking going without your shiny new engagement ring. Having your ring insured will make sure that you can have the ring replaced if anything were to happen to it.

  • If you do not have renter or homeowner's insurance, no worries! We can recommend a private insurance company that specializes in insuring jewelry.

  • Insurance companies will require a written appraisal from a jeweler and most jewelers will provide that free of cost and some will even send the appraisal straight to your insurance company.

  • Insurance provides a peace of mind for you.  Most insurance companies will cover the engagement ring for loss, theft and damage.  While diamonds are the strongest stone, they can crack and break on the edges with extreme wear and tear. Insuring your diamond will protect the cost endured by damage to the diamond.


4.  Picking out a wedding band. Although it's early, it's good to think about as it is usually a forgotten piece!

  • Set up a budget

  • Look at designs no less than 2 months before the wedding to ensure that the rings are in before the wedding.


5. Ring cleaning before events. Stop by your jewelry store to have your ring cleaned before any events in which your ring is going to be showcased, especially your wedding day! Most will do a first-time cleaning free of charge if the ring is purchased from their store.


  • Engagement Party

  • Engagement Photos

  • Bridal Shower

  • 1 week-3 days prior to Wedding Day


Most importantly, enjoy your time being engaged and good luck with all wedding planning!