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Congratulations on your engagement! 
You love the ring but the ring size is either too small or too big.  You need it sized and right away too!

How ring resizing works 

Changing a ring to a different size is a fairly common procedure.  As long as there is some section of plain metal without set gemstones (unlike eternity rings, which have gemstones all the way around) ring resizing is an option.


Making a ring larger:


Here are the steps:

  1. To increase a ring's size, a jeweler will cut into the bottom part of the ring (called the shank) and add a piece of the same metal that the ring is made in (whether it be gold or platinum)

  2. Adding a piece of metal is necessary when enlarging the size to increase the circumference of the ring.  The piece of metal added is then soldered to the ring and the entire shank becomes one piece.

  3. After the ring has been resized, it is put on a mandrel stick (size stick, pictured above) to confirm the ring is the correct size.
  4. The ring is then polished and refinished to insure a uniform shine. Now, the ring is re sized, complete and ready to go!


Making a ring smaller

  1. Making a ring smaller requires metal to be removed.  A jeweler will cut the shank of a ring first and remove a small piece of metal

  2. After the piece of metal is removed, a jeweler will reshape & solder the ring

  3. The ring will then be placed on a Mandrel to confirm the correct size.

  4. The ring is then polished to insure a uniform shine.


Common Questions:


Q.  Does resizing hurt or damage a ring?


A.  When done correctly, resizing (bigger or smaller) does not hurt or damage the ring. *If there are small, little diamonds pave set (hammered in to the metal) and the ring is changed a dramatic size, the diamond's in the ring could become less secure


Q.  What if the resized ring isn't the correct size?


A.  A good amount of people have to get their ring re sized more than once to find a comfortable and secure ring size.  Ring's can be re sized multiple times; it won't compromise the quality or condition of the ring.  Fingers (and one's ring size) can change daily or seasonally.  In the summertime or warm weather, finger's tend to swell up and one's ring size would increase.  In the wintertime or cold weather, finger's stay smaller.  When one eats a lot of food with salt or has an allergic reaction, finger's could increase size.  It's always good to get your finger sized on multiple occasions to insure you are choosing the right ring size for you.


Now that you are an expert on the process of ring resizing it's time to get it done.


Here's what to do:


If you purchased the ring from a jewelry store near you, they should have the capabilities to resize the ring in a quick amount of time (within the day or a week at most)  The jewelry store you bought it from should waive the resizing fee as long as the ring sizing change is not dramatic (2 size change in either direction.  For example going from a size 6 to a size 4 may require a good amount of labor)


If you bought the engagement ring from Freedman Jewelers, we will take care of the first ring resizing as long as it's not a dramatic change.


If you are interested in getting a ring resized at Freedman Jewelers, feel free to email us ([email protected]) or call us at 617-227-4294 and we would be happy to provide a price and time estimate.


Some rings can be re sized within the same day and at most it would take 3 working days.  Our jewelers are experts and all ring repair work is of the finest quality, done on the premise and done in the most efficient possible time frame.


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