Fun Jewelry Facts

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Our favorite jewelry facts throughout history.

We have compiled a bunch of our favorite facts about the history of jewelry and fun facts! Enjoy!

  1. The largest diamond ever mined was found in 1905 and was a total of 3106.25 carats uncut and weighed 1.3 pounds. The largest stone that was cut from the rough diamond is named the Cullinan Diamond and is 530.4 carats. It is the largest polished white diamond in the world.

  2. Approximately 75% of American brides receive engagement rings made of diamonds and gold.

  3. Only one in a million mined diamonds actually ends up being used for jewelry.

  4. The United States is the worlds biggest consumer of diamonds.

  5. A rare 1 carat (size of a pencil eraser head) red diamond sold at an auction for 1 million dollars.

  6. Gold in it's purest form (24kt) is weak enough to be able to bend easily. It must be mixed with other metals to be strong enough for jewelry.

  7. The Queen of England's jewelry collection is estimated to be work 57 million dollars.

  8. It is a myth that since diamonds are the hardest stone on earth, that they cannot crack or chip. They can and do crack and chip with enough force in the right spot.

  9. Rose and White Golds are not naturally those colors, they are mixed with other metals to create the white or rose colored look.

  10. Pearls are only formed in 1 out of every 10,000 oysters.

  11. Nicole Kidman wore the most expensive piece of jewelry created for a movie and the necklace is expected to sell for 1 million dollars. It was made with platinum and 1,308 diamonds totaling 134 carats.

  12. The Engagement Ring custom hasn't been around forever. Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave his soon to be wife a gold and diamond engagement ring in 1477 starting the tradition.

  13. Tradition of where to wear an engagement ring changes wherever you are! In different countries, it is customary to wear engagement rings on either right or left hands.

  14. Colorless diamonds (D, E, F grades) only represent less than 1% of the diamonds in the world.

  15. It's estimated that less than 1 percent or less of woman will wear a diamond that is more than a carat in size.