Engagement Ring Care

Now that you have an engagement ring on your finger, you must care for it and protect it.  Tend to it's every need.  Diamond engagement rings need tender care, love & nurturing.  Plus, you always want to keep your diamond engagement ring sparkling!

Here are 10  tips on how to protect & care for your engagement ring.

*warning: some of the tips on the list are extremely helpful and some are quite silly.


  1. Clean your ring frequently.  You can do this a couple of different ways.

    • Pick up a bottle of jewelry cleaner from Freedman Jewelers.  This is complimentary with any purchase or repair work done at our store.  (You could also purchase a bottle of jewelry cleaner at a jewelry store closer to your home or at a convenience store)

    • Bring the ring to Freedman Jewelers to get professionally cleaned & checked on the spot!

    • At home recommendations include soaking your ring in warm water for at least 30 minutes using a liquid detergent.

    • Another recommendation includes making your own at home solution.  This includes 50% ammonia and 50% water mixed together. Put your ring in this solution and then rub a toothbrush against the ring to clean and remove dirt.  Once done, rinse the ring off and then pat dry.

  2. Have your ring checked out by a jeweler every 6 months to a year.  Prongs can wear down over time and diamonds can become loose.  You want to make sure your diamond is secure.

    • Prongs will wear down and you may need to replace your prongs or the entire head.  (prongs can wear down in 5- 15 years depending on wear & tear)

  3. Try not to sleep with your ring on.  You could potentially bend the prongs or hit your ring against something in your  sleep.

  4. Do not swim with your ring, especially in pools.  Chlorine in pools can really hurt & discolor metals.

  5. Do not exercise with your engagement ring.   Do not wear it at the gym.  The metals at the gym could harm the metal (platinum, gold etc) of your engagement ring and could hurt your diamond too.

  6. Try not to shower, shampoo, cook or use hand cream when wearing your engagement ring.  The chemicals or food could potentially harm or dirty your ring.

  7. Do not garden with your engagement ring.  Do you want dirt covering up your ring and affecting it's sparkle?  I don't think so!

  8. Store your ring somewhere safe when you are not wearing it.
    Store the ring in an individual jewelry box or case.  You can also put the ring in a Ziploc or tissue paper and make sure diamond rings don't rub against other diamond rings which could cause diamond chipping or damage.

  9. When driving, you might want to wear gloves or you may be blinded by your ring's sparkle!

  10. Do wear your ring and love every minute of it.  Congratulations on your engagement!