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The Proposal: Marc & Belinda’s Story

by Josh on March 29, 2011

Marc & Belinda

Penny Lane

Marc & Belinda’s Story (Told by Belinda and excerpted from her blog at )

On Saturday night November 20, 2010, Marc (my now fiancé) and I went to the same place where we had our first date almost 2-years ago—bowling at Kings in Boston. Dinner as usual, then since the wait for bowling or to play pool was over 2-hours, we defaulted to a few video games. We didn’t make it a problem and just headed home a little early. (Little did I know that Marc had a friend setting everything up back at my house while we were at dinner. Funny now to see that I didn’t get what I thought I wanted, yet it turned out so much better!)

When we got back to my house, I still had no idea, until we walked in. To my surprise, it was lit with candles and there was oddly a row of pennies leading from the kitchen to the backyard. (There is a running joke between us that I find money everywhere and it leads me to more and more wealth and opportunity—boy was that right this time!)

This is about when I stopped breathing…it was as if my life was flashing in front of me. All of those times when I had lost faith that this could happen for me melted away in that instant once and for all.

I followed Marc to the backyard and there I saw more pennies leading up to and on the patio table. The path ended at a beautiful diamond ring in the center of the table, surrounded by more candles and Hershey’s kisses.

Behind the ring was a sign that read “MARRY ME?” with Hershey’s kisses (like a sign he did for me once that said “Happy New Years”) and a dozen long-stemmed red roses, with a roaring fire in a fire pit near the table. This was the romantic moment I had been dreaming of.

He got down on one knee—and since he is 6’4” and I am 5’4”, he came up to my shoulder—and said some really sweet things. Mostly I remember the last part: “Will you marry me?”

I nodded furiously for several seconds while I was catching my breath and taking it all in. (Marc tells it that I didn’t say “Yes” right away as I was so speechless.) Then I said yes, Yes, and YES again and gave him a great kiss filled with passion, love, and so much joy.

We spent the next few hours in bliss sitting by the fire and sipping champagne, visualizing our 2011 wedding in Costa Rica.  We recently picked up our wedding bands at Freedman’s and they are beautiful too!

Update: March 2011: Just back from Costa Rica and we love our rings. Check out the smiles on our faces.  Thanks so much Freedman Jewelers!

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