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November Birthstone: Citrine

by Josh on October 26, 2011

Orange Citrine Necklace

Welcome to November.  Fall is in full swing and Freedman’s is getting ready for the holidays.

This month’s birthstone is the Citrine (also known as yellow topaz).  Yellows, Oranges & Browns galore, Citrine is the perfect Fall color.    Citrine is a type of topaz and ranges in color from yellow, orange, yellow  brown and other combos of these colors. Citrine is a sparkling, bright stone that is both captivating and affordable!

Citrine is naturally a pale stone but is given heat treatment to bring out the yellow – orange colors. Citrine is mostly found in Brazil, but also found in Russia, France and Madagascar.  Citrine is a 7.0 on the Mohs Hardness scale.  Citrine is the gemstone used to commemorate a married couple’s 11th and 13th wedding anniversaries.

Here are some jewelry pieces Freedman recommends with Citrine:  Pictured in the top right:  An Andrea Candela sterling silver & 18kt yellow gold citrine pendant necklace.  Click Here for more information on this piece:

Citrine drop earrings

I’m loving these 14kt yellow gold & citrine drop earrings.  Great for adding everyday color!

Fun Fact: (or Myth)  Many people believe that the Citrine gemstone has healing powers and brings success:  For more information about it, Click here:

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