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The different spellings of Jewelry

by Josh on November 6, 2012

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Jewelry, Jewellery, Jewelers, Jewellers and the list goes on and on.


Have you ever noticed the different spellings of jewelry?

Is there a correct spelling for the word?  Why the difference?

Both the jewelry & jewellery spellings are correct!  The spellings come from language origins in different countries.

Jewellery is the proper spelling used in Great Britain.  This spelling is common in other parts of the world including Asia, India & the rest of Europe.

Jewelry is the proper spelling in the United States.  (and probably the one you are used to!)

The origin of the difference  goes as follows:  The British spelling, Jewellery, is the original spelling of the word.  According to legend, Noah Webster (the dictionary king!) was working on the American dictionary and set forth to have words spelled more like they sound.  He decided to change the spelling of Jewellery to Jewelry as he deemed the extra “L and E” unnecessary.  This type of thinking can be shown in other words such as Flavour (British) vs Flavor (American) and Colour (British) vs Color (American).

Nowadays, you’ll see both spellings of jewelry used all over the world.  When we go global and expand to Europe and Asia we will have to change our name to Freedman Jewellers!  Until that time, we’ll stay Freedman Jewelers.










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