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History of the Jewelers Building of Boston

by Josh on March 7, 2012

Jewelers Building Boston MA | Freedman Jewelers

Have you heard of the jewelers exchange building in Boston, MA?

I hope you have!  That’s where Freedman Jewelers has been located since 1945.

If you haven’t heard about it, here is a brief history lesson. The Jewelers Exchange Building is located at 333 Washington Street in the center of downtown Boston.  It  is unlike any other building in the world as there  are many full-service jewelry stores & specialists work along side one another.  Think of it is an entire jewelry district crammed into one building.  There are specialty shops, diamond wholesalers, watch repair shops, engravers, manufacturers and full service jewelry stores all in one place!

Currently, The Jewelers Building of Boston has 7 floors full of jewelers, whether it be diamond specialists, watch repair, custom jewelry design, engravers, full service jewelry stores and more.  It wasn’t always like this.  What is now known as the 333 Jewelers Exchange Building of Boston used to be called the Province Building.  Built in the late 19th Century, the Province Building house many businesses, not just jewelers.  At the time, Washington Street and the Downtown Crossing area was the most prominent shopping district in Boston.  Department stores lined the street most notably Jordan Marsh & Filenes.  People from all over New England flocked to downtown Boston to see the newest trends in clothing, fashion and jewelry.  If you look at the picture on the right, Washington Street looked entirely different a century ago.  Trolleys used to line the streets, you won’t see that anymore!    David Freedman opened Freedman Jewelers in 1945 as a full service jewelry store selling items such as diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry, even having a bridal registry   Freedman Jewelers is one of the oldest stores in the jewelers building, now onto it’s 3rd generation in the Freedman family.

Presently, the Jewelers Exchange Building is a condominium building.  Many jewelry stores in the building own their property, others rent.  The building has their own security guards and system to protect the building as a whole and individual jewelry stores as well from theft, hazards and other emergencies.    Many competing jewelers in the building work together to promote the vast benefits of the building as a whole. There are so many benefits to shopping in the Jewelers Exchange Building rather than online or in a suburban jewelry store.

These include:

  • As there are so many jewelers in close proximity, you can expect better prices, better quality and better service
  • Repair work and custom design can be done faster here than anywhere else in the Boston/ New England area
  • We work with the latest technologies and carry the latest jewelry trends
  • You can rest assured your jewelry is safe, most jewelry never leaves the building as most jewelry needed work can be done within the building
  • You are getting the best value at the Boston Jewelers Building: It’s time & money efficient: You should expect the best prices in the fastest time
  • You can expect great quality jewelry and work

Jewelers Building LobbyToday, the Jewelers Exchange Building is better then ever and worth the trip from anywhere in the New England area.  The Jewelers building is only blocks from many of Boston’s most notable attractions such as Boston Common, The Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall & Quincy Market, Government Center, Beacon Hill and more!

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