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Jewelers Exchange Building First Annual Blogger Tour

by Josh on July 27, 2012

Jewelers Exchange Building Boston | Freedman Jewelers | Engagement Rings

On Thursday July 19th, the Jewelers Exchange Building hosted their first official tour of the building to Boston area bloggers.

Approximately 15-20 Boston area Bloggers visited the Jewelers Exchange Building to learn from the experts about jewelry, diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Scholars American Bistro (right next to the Jewelers Building) provided appetizers & refreshments.  (Thank you guys!  The  food and drinks were great!)

The tour included seeing & learning about the following items & processes:

  • The history of Jewelers Exchange Building
  • The history of Downtown Crossing area
  • Making jewelry
  • Repairing jewelry
  • how independent jewelry stores operate
  • Customer’s experiences and feedback
  • Custom designing jewelry with the help of CAD/CAM imaging & wax molds
  • Seeing a jeweler’s work bench and the tools they use
  • Seeing luxury watches such as Rolex & Patek Phillipe.
  • Seeing unique gemstones such as Moonstones, Yellow Sapphires & Alexandrites
  • Learning all aspects of diamonds
  • & more!

The bloggers who attended included:

Boston Brunchers

A group of Boston area food bloggers who meet up for brunches.  Sounds really fun!

Twitter handle:

*Special shout out to Renee Hirschberg who helped organize this event.  Renee runs the Boston Brunchers blog as well as EatLiveBlog , twitter handle:

Make Go Awesome

Making Things, Going Places & Things that are Awesome -Simple yet Awesome!

Twitter handle:

Sailing Foodie

A blogger who loves food and the ocean

Twitter handle:

Urban Foodie Finds

A blogger who loves food in general, especially taking photos of food

Twitter handle:

Read her review of the tour here:

Bread and Beta

Food and Cooking Blog

Twitter handle:


Food & Recipe Blog

Twitter handle:

I Love Lovee

Social media, marketing, life & more

Twitter handle:

I am a honey bee

Food, exploration & reflection

Twitter handle:

The Boston Fashionista

Local fashion blog

Twitter handle:

Culinary Colleen

Food Blog – adventures in cooking & eating

Twitter handle:

A big thank you to everyone who attended and helped out.

*Freedman Jewelers is a 3rd generation family jewelry business located on the 4th floor of the Jewelers Exchange Building in downtown Boston.

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