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Grandma’s Jewelry Box: Inheriting Family Jewelry

by Josh on January 21, 2011


Welcome to the Freedman Jewelers revamped blog. I would like to write my first entry about a common situation we have encountered countless times.  What to do with family inherited jewelry?

Here’s the situation: You just received a large amount of jewelry and are clueless whether to use it, store it, or sell it.  In today’s entry, we will focus on inherited diamonds. In a future post, I will discuss what to do with gold & platinum jewelry.  Today, I will focus on our specialty, diamonds!  A diamond always has value. You know the saying, “A diamond is forever”; It’s the truth. A diamond will always keep its sparkle and brilliance and can be passed down for generations.

Here is a quick guide on what to do with your inherited diamond or other precious gemstones:

The first step is deciding what you would use the diamond for.  Ask yourself these questions.  Are you getting engaged anytime soon, you could potentially use the diamond you inherited for an engagement ring.  Would you like to use the diamond for another purpose, maybe to incorporate into a diamond pendant necklace? If you have several smaller diamonds, you could use those for a diamond band.  These are just a few suggestions of the many ideas that are possible.

Now that you have an idea what you want (or are still clueless, we can provide plenty of guidance) drop by Freedman’s and we will discuss the options, give you immediate estimates and more.

If you have no use for the diamond presently or in the future, try selling it.  Gather any paperwork, appraisals and certificates on the diamond.  Any information will help you in the selling process.  Then, make a trip to Freedman Jewelers if you live in the New England area.  Most likely, the diamond should be removed from the mounting so the jeweler can thoroughly judge the diamond for the 4C’s (carat, cut, clarity, and color).  If Freedman’s is interested in your diamond, they will make an offer.

I hope this was helpful and good luck!

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