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Diamonds: One of a Kind

by Josh on April 6, 2011


Welcome to April.  The birthstone this month is….you guessed it, diamonds!

Diamonds are awesome!  They are the ultimate gemstone.  Diamonds are unbelievably strong.  The word diamond comes from Greek origin, translating to “unbreakable”.  A diamond is made up of carbon atoms bonded together which form the hardest natural material known to man.  According to the Mohs scale of hardness for gemstones (1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest) diamonds are a 10.  Diamonds are mainly found in alluvial deposits in India, Russia, Africa, Australia & Canada.  Diamonds are the preferred choice for use in engagement rings and jewelry, known for their beauty, strength and sparkle which are perfect for everyday use.  Newsflash:  No two diamonds are the same!   There are many characteristics that decide the beauty of a diamond.

Diamond factors:

Shape: Today, diamonds come in a variety of shapes. The most popular and most sparkling shape is Round Brilliant cut.  The two most popular after rounds are Princess (square) and Cushion (rounded square) followed by Emerald cut, Radiant, Oval, Pear, Asscher and Marquise.

The 4 C’s: There are 4 main characteristics that diamonds are judged for.  They are called the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat. One of the most important factors is cut (especially with round diamonds) as this gives diamonds their sparkle.  Clarity refers to the visibility of inclusions on a diamond and is a very important factor to consider.  Clarity can be the most important factor if you get a Princess or Emerald cut diamond.  Color refers to how clear/white the diamond is.  The scale goes D-Z, D being colorless and Z being fancy yellow.  Carat refers to the weight of a diamond.  There are other factors that are just as important as these are such as table percentage, fluorescence & polish.

At Freedman Jewelers, we only sell the highest quality of diamonds for engagement rings.  In terms of color, we recommend any diamond D-I, SI2 or better in clarity, and at least good cut.  All of our diamonds used for engagement rings are certified by an independent laboratory called GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  This is the only lab we sell and trust.  When buying a diamond engagement ring it is a must to buy an independent laboratory certified diamond.  These are graded by non-profit organizations giving objectives grades to all the characteristics of a diamond.  Be careful when you see the ridiculous commercials saying their diamonds are the least expensive.  These commercials try to capitalize off potential customer’s lack of knowledge on diamonds.  Diamonds come in all sorts of qualities and they are selling the lowest quality; diamonds that don’t sparkle!

I could go on and on about diamonds however the best way to learn about these precious stones is to see them in person.  Come in during our store hours to learn, see and touch the real thing – diamonds!

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