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Bridesmaids Gift Guide

by Sydney Kaplan on June 6, 2013

steel cable bracelets boston , massachusetts

As a bride, it is easy to grow selfish throughout the whole planning process. You should! This is your big day.

So, want to show your selfless bridesmaids a token of your appreciation? A piece of jewelry is the perfect gift. Simple but meaningful, jewelry sometimes has the ability to give bigger thanks than words ever could.

Get some ideas from our selection here at Freedman Jewelers!


Steel cable bracelets

These are great bridesmaids gifts! Stainless steel, silver & diamond cable bracelets in a variety of styles. $100 each and available in silver, yellow, rose & black colors. Easily matched with other pieces of jewelry, your bridesmaids will always be caught modeling your gift, and reminded of the special day they were able to share with you!

Take a look at the collection here:


Pearl stud earrings

High luster fresh water pearl and 14KT gold stud earrings.

You really cannot go wrong with a pair of classic pearl stud earrings. Pearls have an effortless way of classing up any outfit-and they might even just match your bridesmaid dresses! If you are looking for a versatile piece of jewelry that all women love, pearl studs are the go-to item.







Samantha Faye

samantha faye jewelry


Samantha Faye’s items are practically made for this type of gift opportunity! Because of the immense variety in her collection, it is easier to personalize the gifts you give. Each individual personality can be catered to with all of Samantha Faye’s fun and charming designs!


For example:


samantha faye shape collectionThe Shape Collection accommodates the bridesmaid with a simple fashion sense. These basic shapes add a modest touch to all outfits. Small and large necklaces are also sold as pairs-creating a bolder look. You truthfully cannot go wrong with a shape necklace by Samantha Faye!




samantha faye hand cuff necklace

Samantha Faye gold plate Hand Cuffs

The Hand Cuffs in the Modern Classic Collection are perfect for any woman with a sense of humor. This unexpected piece is sure to make anyone smile-especially a bridesmaid who appreciates humor and wit!








Have any outdoorsy bridesmaids? Or ones that love to travel? Check out Samantha Faye’s Islands collection, or even her Weather collection. For friends who love the beach, the Shell or Sun necklace is perfect. If they have a favorite destination island in Massachusetts, Samantha Faye is sure to have it covered with her Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket necklaces.


Pendants – Butterfly

Sterling silver and diamond butterfly necklace.

The whimsical feel that this butterfly necklace exudes will put a smile across the faces of all your bridesmaids. The extra sparkle from the diamonds won’t hurt either! Your bridesmaid gift should mirror your wedding experience-which will hopefully be a joyful and elegant one. This butterfly necklaces does so perfectly.












Have fun shopping for this one last wedding necessity! Whatever you choose will be sure to keep your wedding memories alive-not just for you, but for those who shared it with you as well.

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