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Anniversary Gift Guide

by Josh on January 31, 2013

anniversary gift guide boston

Clueless what to give for your anniversary? 

This guide will break it down for you and inform you on the big anniversaries and what gifts you should think about giving.

Read on rookie (or veteran) married man, read on.

Here’s a link to a chart that goes year by year with what type of items you should be giving.

Below are the most notable anniversaries.  *Remember, don’t forget anything that ends in a zero (10 year, 20 year etc)

One Year Anniversary

diamond-legacy-pendantCongrats! You have made it through your first year of marriage. You now know exactly what makes your significant other tick, what buttons to push and which to avoid. I’d say this calls for a little celebration. The first anniversary is known as the paper anniversary, if done right you have the capability to really astonish your loved one with creativity. Get your favorite picture of you two drawn up or painted, and have it framed. Or, for more of a humorous route, create a coupon book filled with deeds you are willing to do for your spouse.

A modern gift for your one year anniversary is to give your wife a piece of gold jewelry.  How about a white gold diamond pendant?(pictured on the right)


Five Year Anniversary

Getting up there.  You are now a seasoned married man!

The traditional gift for the 5 year anniversary is the gift of wood.  This could be a nice piece of wooden furniture, artwork or a picture frame.

The modern (and jewelry) gift is to pick something sapphire related.  This could be blue sapphire stud earrings, a sapphire & diamond ring, a sapphire pendant among many other choices.  Take a look at some recommendations below!

princess cut sapphire and diamond band

Princess cut diamond & sapphire band

rough sapphire pendant necklace

rough sapphire pendant necklace

sapphire diamondpave earrings

sapphire & diamond halo earrings


diamond studsTen Year Anniversary

10 years!  You made it to a big one.  This anniversary calls for the gift of diamond jewelry.  This is the modern choice for your ten year anniversary.  Your options include a  new diamond ring, remounting your engagement ring or diamond earrings.  You gotta go big this year!

gabriel er4092

diamond halo mounting

The traditional tenth anniversary of marriage is celebrated with tin. While a tin gift has the potential to be cute, the more modern way of recognizing the first ten years of your lives together is with leather. Leather comes in many different forms including clothes, shoes, watches and furniture. Your job is to know what will amaze your other half.


Twenty-Five Year Anniversary

And alas, you have made it to the silver anniversary. While we may not be able to help you with paper gifts, and our leather supply is limited, we do have a wide range of silver. Maybe you want to add some sparkle to her wrists with some sterling silver slip on bangles or this Thistle & Bee sterling silver and black diamond bracelet. Or, perhaps she may favor an Andrea Candela pendant necklace, a piece every woman would like to show off.

slip on bangles boston

silver slip on bangle bracelets

blue topaz diamond pendant

andrea candela blue topaz pendant

black diamonds boston

silver & black diamond cuff bracelet


Fifty Year Anniversary

diamond tennis bracelet boston

diamond tennis bracelet

If you have made it through fifty years of joy, the ups, the downs, and whatever else life may have thrown at you and your life partner, you both deserve nothing less than gold and diamonds. Maybe you will choose to renew your vows on this day; the romantic gesture of upgrading your original wedding bands will not be forgotten. Freedman Jewelers specializes in engagement rings and wedding bands, and would be honored to help you succeed in wowing your loved one. This is not limited to just rings, we can show you a selection of diamond legacy pendants or tennis bracelets. Whatever you may chose, remember that you are celebrating an anniversary that only about 5% of couples will make it to, make it special.


Good luck & happy anniversary!  For any more questions, you can reach Freedman Jewelers via email, ( Phone (617-227-4294) or stopping by the store. (333 Washington Street 4th floor, Boston, MA)

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