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Freedman Jewelers designers – Andrea Candela

by Sydney Kaplan on May 28, 2013

andrea candela blue topaz necklace

Designer Spotlight:  Andrea Candela

Much like Freedman Jewelers, the Andrea Candela jewelry collection has strong family roots. Originally named Candela Hermanos, this line was founded by the Candela brothers in Valencia, Spain. Their collection quickly advanced its way into the forefront of European jewelry design and manufacturing. Once they began manufacturing to the United States, “Candela Hermanos” became the now familiar “Andrea Candela”-inspired by a Candela daughter, Andrea.

This jewelry collection embodies “Old World” craftsmanship, yet still speaks to the current designs of today. Andrea Candela is inspired by the energy and beauty of Spain- as seen in the bright colors used in their jewelry. One can identify an Andrea Candela piece by the unique Armadillo finish and rope edge design trademarks. With birthstones and gemstones, as well as sterling silver, gold, and diamonds, these pieces lend themselves as gifts for many different occasions.

Check out some examples of their jewelry below!


Antique Style Earrings

diamond flower earrings boston

Andrea Candela sterling silver & 18kt yellow gold diamond flower style earrings

These earrings speak perfectly to the quintessential Andrea Candela design. The diamond flowers are surrounded by a rope edge, made from 18 kt gold. While staying simple, these earrings still have certain sparkle that makes them a perfect gift for any special occasion! Looking for more earrings with the Andrea Candela touch? Check out









Cuff Bracelet 

andrea candela cuff bracelet

18kt Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Filigree Vine Design Diamond Cuff Bracelet. Part of the Tesoro Collection.

This bracelet can easily jazz-up any outfit. Whether you are heading off to work or a fancy dinner, this item is extremely versatile. The Spanish, Andrea Candela influence can be seen in the rope edge that surrounds the glistening diamonds and yellow gold in the vine design. Bangles are also extremely popular with this brand, as well as chain bracelets. The Andrea Candela line is thus able to contribute many different kinds of fashionable and versatile bracelets to Freedman Jewelers!









Garnet Ring 

garnet halo ring andrea candela boston

Andrea Candela sterling silver & 18kt yellow gold cushion cut Garnet ring. Garnet is surrounded by diamonds micro pave set.

Looking for those bright colors I discussed earlier? Andrea Candela’s rings can give those to you. The diamonds surrounding the garnet make this piece particularly exceptional by adding just the perfect amount of sparkle. Once again, we can see the distinct Andrea Candela design in the rope edged cushion that encircles both the garnet and its diamond surroundings.











Turquoise Necklace 

18kt yellow gold and Sterling Silver Turquoise & Diamond Necklace

Trying to make a statement? Then this piece is perfectly suited for you. This necklace is ideal for those with a unique fashion sense, as well as Andrea Candela lovers on the whole! The diamonds give the perfect accent to an already bold pendant. This necklace is also excellent as a birthday gift for those born in December (with a turquoise birthstone). The uniqueness of this piece will not leave them disappointed!


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